Service Offering

  • CN2000 waterproofing
  • BASF Master Seal 345
  • FRP systems
  • Rehabilicrete

Our Advantage

Specialty coatings are increasingly specified as part of new construction and restoration concrete solutions. HCM Shotcrete is experienced in the application of specialty coatings including CN 2000 waterproofing, BASF Master Seal 345, and FRP materials. Specialty coatings can be utilized to achieve improved durability, waterproofing, and strengthening of new and existing structures. HCM Shotcrete is committed to high quality coating installations for an increasing number of coating and reinforcement systems.


Hagarman Bridge – GO Transit / Metrolinx

Pedestrian Tunel – PCL

Hanlon Pumping Station – Halton Region

Underground Pedestrian Tunnel – Oxford Properties

Underground Pedestrian Tunnel – Oxford Properties


  • Negative Side
  • Positive Side
  • Submerged conditions
  • Impermeable up to 1.5MPa
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Self healing
  • Fast return to service
  • Non-toxic

Royal Botanical Gardens Reflecting Pool

HCM Shotcrete - Royal Botanical Gardens Reflecting Pool

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What is CN2000 ?

  • Waterproofing system
  • CN2000 A: waterstop
  • CN2000 B: penetrating, cementicious, crystalline waterproofing material
  • CN2000 C+D: cement-polymer membrane layer

How does CN2000 work?

  • Proprietary manufacturing process produces fine grained material of completely uniform size and shape – results in consistent, high bond as well as a molecular sieve coating structure
  • Impervious to liquid and still breathable
  • A proprietary active ingredient defuses into the concrete matrix indefinitely dependent on the moisture content in the concrete – in the presence of water catalyzes a reaction with existing hydration products to produce insoluble C-S-H crystals that permanently block the capillaries naturally created by the concrete

Advantages of CN2000

  • Stays active indefinitely
  • Applied over wet surfaces
  • Quick set time; 50 minutes for recoating
  • Self seals cracks up to 0.4mm width